Established in Brooklyn in 1989, Goloborotko’s Studio relocated to Jacksonville, FL in 2015, as a center for production and diffusion of printmaking whose principal goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists in a nurturing environment that supports the creation of works that push the boundaries of printmaking.

Workshops are designed for a range of skill levels, from the novice to the working artist, from specific projects to experimental sessions. Our success is based on the powerful combination of collaboration and artistic vision, integrating research and experimentation with the creation of prints.


This applies to artists who work independently and do their own printing and clean-up. The artist shares the studio with no more than 2-4 people. This arrangement is ideal for artists who work on different size images, or who need to use the press more frequently such as for proofing or multi-drop monotypes. No instruction, but technical assistance is available. No registration is necessary.


This is for artists who wish to work solo and focus on the creation of images assisted by a master printer. Paper preparation, ink mixing, registration, printing, and basic clean-up are handled by the master printer or assistant, thus freeing the artists to produce a maximum amount of images. No instruction, but technical assistance is available. No registration is necessary.


Hands-on printmaking workshops catered to organizations, school groups, and Professional Development to staff.  Workshops can be designed for a range of skill levels, from novice to visual arts specialist, and can incorporate how to: use a printing press; create prints using relief techniques and monotype; make editions; and apply advanced printmaking methods such as intaglio, viscosity, and chine-collĂ© exploring a variety of materials, tools, and equipment.

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Explore the painterly qualities of monotype and monoprints. Learn methods of brushing, rolling, layering, overprinting, viscosity roll-ups, and specific techniques using plexiglass or metal plates. From oil inks to watercolors this workshop is ideal for artists who love to draw and paint directly and spontaneously. Multi-plate drop and both methods of addition and reduction will be used to create rich imagery.

Chine colle

This intensive workshop is geared to artists familiar with basic printmaking techniques who are interested in learning how to use oriental papers glued and printed simultaneously on traditional western printing papers, while keeping in mind archival life and flatness.

Photo Etching

A revolutionary and versatile method of printmaking where you can create a photo-etching plate from ink drawings on acetate or a laser print photo on a transparency, developing the image with water. A non-toxic, non-acid method that can produce extraordinary images. Artists will create photo-etching plates from ink drawings on acetate or digital (laser or inkjet) printed images on a transparency, exposing the image and developing the plate with water.

Gelatin Monotypes

This workshop introduces techniques of gelatin plate monotype printing, a fast, fun, and easy method that requires no press. Using water-based inks on a matrix of gelatin, artists will explore direct painting and the use of stencils and textured materials. 

Shape a plate

A sculptural approach is used throughout this workshop where artists are encouraged to see the making of a plate as a dimensional process. The use of aluminum plates, non-traditional etching tools, and dremel will be explored, as well as methods of printing sculptural plates. 


This workshop will explore methods of creating one color or multi-color woodcuts. Multiple plates and reductive methods of printing the plate will be explored during this workshop and artists will have a chance to run a small edition.

Traditional Processes for a Contemporary Mind:
Intaglio, Etching & More

Artists will experiment with traditional intaglio and etching techniques to create imagery on copper plates. Techniques such as drypoint, aquatint, sugar lift, spit bite, hard and soft ground will be explored as one plate is transformed with the accumulation of techniques. Artists will print state proof and color proof as the plate develops.

Direct and Photo Silkscreen

In this comprehensive workshop, students will learn the basics of silkscreen methods and will learn how to create images through direct and photographic means. Artists will learn to develop printing strategies using a combination of techniques, images, and the layering of colors. Artists will learn the steps needed to create a small edition of silkscreen prints using reductive, additive, direct, and digital techniques.


This simple and under-rated technique can produce rich artwork and amazing imagery. Artists will explore the reductive method to create a linocut edition and multi-plate printing of transparent layers. This workshop series is designed to allow artists to work independently on their projects. Artists will meet at the beginning of each session and discuss progress, problems, and next session strategies.

Artmaking to Printmaking

Are you interested in learning printmaking techniques to translate your artwork into multiple prints? This intensive workshop will explore how artists today incorporate the diverse elements of printmaking into their work and the ways in which you can best translate your own work using the language of the print media. Each participant will have a chance to explore appropriate techniques that will enrich their work and practice. Students will learn how to create monotypes, collagraphs, and silkscreen. The result will be amazing one-of-a-kind prints and a small silkscreen edition.

Collagraphs: From Surface to Soul

In this workshop, artists will explore the creation of a collagraph plate adding textures and engraving on a soft medium. Different kinds of surfaces will be employed to explore endless tonal effects. Plates will be inked as a relief, intaglio plate, or a combination of both. Artists will experiment with different viscosity of inks applied to the same plate. This session will explore multi-drop printing and the use of carborundum as texture. Plates will be sealed with shellac and printed using the press. Different inking methods will be discussed and artists will be invited to bring found objects to incorporate them into their plates. 

Lithography with Polyester Plates

In this class, students will learn how to print lithographic imagery created on polyester plates. Artists will have the option to use a combination of hand-drawn, digital, or photographic imagery to create and print multi-color lithographic prints. Methods to achieve a consistent edition and register multiple colors will also be incorporated into the lesson. At the end of this course, artists produce a small lithographic edition.

Photo Lithography

Artists explore the technical versatility and expressive qualities of hand-printed lithographic images originated from a combination of drawings, digital imagery, and photographs. Emphasis will be given to multi-plates, ink modifiers, and proper registration. Artists will create a small professional-level edition of prints. Images created on transparencies or printed digitally will be photomechanically transferred to positive litho plates and printed.

Monotype with a Model

Artists work on monotypes from observation of a live model. Master printer Sheila Goloborotko gives instructions to the group. Alternating plates are printed as artists work on ghost plates. Artists get involved with the creative process and only see the work produced at the end of the class.

Turning Point

Are you feeling stuck with your work? Are technical difficulties stopping your creative momentum? Are you ready to bring your work to the next level? This popular one-on-one consultation with Sheila Goloborotko will help artists solve technical and/or conceptual problems in their work and will bring a fresh start to the creative process. The goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists to support the creation of work that pushes the boundaries of their work.

Portrait by André Smits@ artistintheworld

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