Commissioned in 1991 by Brooklyn College Press, Goloborotko made these color viscosity prints under the tutelage of sculptor/printmaker Krishna Reddy. Goloborotko layered zinc plates with asphalt then sculpted them. Adept with Dremels, needles, roulettes, and burils, Goloborotko carved the sun, earth, moon, and stars as she encountered them in Cherokee, Wasco, and Snoqualmie oral traditions. The word-wizards summoned here are educator Deborah Poe, organic farmer Lisa Wujnovich, Aikido expert Katie Yates, new media specialist Belle Gironda, and spoken word champion Laura E. J. Moran. Each of their lives is intense enough to stake a heart to a spit. Their collective poetic bag-o-tricks will make Coyote jealous.
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