Webber Gallery, College of Central Florida

August 16 – September 22, 2021

This isn’t a retrospective. True, you will find a full decade’s worth of work in no less than seven different genres and material practices on display in this show, but for me, diversity and a crazy dedication to “making” are norms. I am inexhaustible; I can’t stop working, no matter the times and troubles in my life— I paint, print, cast iron, and glass cover whole rooms with installations of paper and sculpture. I can’t pronounce a summation of why and how…but I can give you an invitation: Wander around the sculptures and the prints. Take a well-deserved pause, and ask yourself, honestly, where do you find yourself right now?

I have asked myself many tough questions already, so you are in good company. The Webber Gallery has given me the opportunity to display the works on paper (a burned-out Bill of Rights), cast iron knives and tools (a short love poem), and the coral reefs (a paean to the planet), to get you to feel at ease, in good hands, introspective. Be ready for wonder. Time is of the essence. Confront your “now” when you look into those strangely altered hourglasses.

Time Will Tell has a few stark visions in store for you. I won’t sugarcoat them. But truth and honesty are cathartic. You will emerge with a better sense of the political climate and the planetary climate; you will feel smarter about your current personal relationships, and ready to let go of past hurt. That is my hope for you because that is what creating this work did for me. Art makes it possible to tune into subconscious frequencies; it helps us internalize our dreams, actualize our gratitude, and make peace with Times that so often leave us wanting.

Sheila Goloborotko, 2021